CYGNUS is a mini UAS with best-in-class endurance, range and payload capabilities


Asteria’s CYGNUS is a mini Unmanned Aerial System designed from the ground up for surveillance & security operations with best in class endurance, range and payload capabilities. CYGNUS is ideal for military surveillance, industrial security and powerline/pipeline monitoring applications.

Salient Features
  • Tool-less assembly and disassembly for rapid deployment
  • Autonomous from takeoff to landing
  • Asteria’s proprietary point-and-click software for command and control
  • No runway required and as such operable in any terrain
  • Silent electrical propulsion, inaudible at 150 m
  • Encrypted digital data link for secure transmission of data and video
  • Failsafe modes for loss of communication signal, GPS signal and low battery
  • Made in India – Designed, Developed and Made in India
Weight 4 kg all up weight
Size 2 m wing span
Cruising Speed 50 – 70 km/hr
Endurance Up to 90 minutes on a single battery charge
Range Up to 15 km radio line-of-sight
 Altitude  400-1000m above ground
Service Ceiling 5000m above mean sea level
Wind Resistance 30 km/hr
Temperature -10C to +55C
Humidity up to 95%RH at 40C
Dust/Drizzle IP53 rated
Crew 2 person crew for transport/operation
Deployment Time < 10 minutes from storage to flight
Day Time EO camera with 10x optical zoom,  4x digital zoom
Standard sensor: 1280 x 720 resolution (HD)
Night Time Long wave infrared camera, 4x digital zoom
Standard sensor: 640 x 480 resolution
Stabilization Mechanical: 2-axis gimbal for camera stabilization

Electronic: Software stabilization for video


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